Graduate Student Lounge


The Graduate Student Lounge can be accessed from Thayer street, south of the Graduate Center Dormitory, beneath the winding staircase. Once inside, use the double doors on the left to enter the lounge. Please note that you will need your Brown ID to enter the Graduate Center and the Graduate Student Lounge.


All reservations are added to the Graduate Student Lounge Calendar. Please ensure that the lounge is available before using the space or making a reservation.

Terms of Use

The Graduate Student Lounge (GSL) is open to all graduate students in good standing as an informal gathering space unless it is otherwise reserved. For any gathering taking place in the GSL, a majority of those participating must be Brown graduate students.

All those utilizing the GSL shall abide by the following terms:

  1. Maintain GSL security, including but not limited to:
    • No GSL equipment is to be removed from the premises, including furniture, electronics, food service accessories, etc.
    • Doors must remain closed when GSL is unattended, including the doors to the courtyard
    • Abiding by local and federal fire codes, including but not limited to:
      • A maximum occupancy of 78 persons indoors, and additional 70 persons in the courtyard
      • Open flames of any kind are not allowed indoors
      • Grills are only allowed in the courtyard
      • Explosions, flashes, smoke, flames, fireworks, or other pyrotechnic-driven effects are strictly prohibited in the lounge/courtyard under any circumstances
    • Ensuring that under no circumstance should alcohol be served, provided, or made available to individuals who are:
      • Underage
      • Excessively intoxicated
  2. Maintain GSL cleanliness, including but not limited to:
    • Clean immediately after your event. “Next day cleaning” is prohibited
    • Dispose of, or remove, all opened food and drink items from the lounge. NEVER leave alcoholic beverages in the lounge unattended
    • Sweeping is mandatory (using the large broom by the fridge) after your event if any of the following is true:
      • Your event had confetti-style decorations
      • Your event has 30 or more attendees
      • Your event duration exceeds 4 hours
    • Mopping is mandatory (using the Swiffer by the fridge and wet wipes in cabinet 6) after your event if any of the following is true:
      • Food or drinks were spilled on the floor
      • Your event duration exceeds 6 hours (requires approval from the Chair of Student Life)
    • Any spilled drinks or food must be cleaned well enough that the floor is not sticky. Cleaning supplies are kept in cabinet 6 (to the left of the sink) along with brooms and a Swiffer by the fridge
    • Place all trash and recycling in appropriate receptacles and empty both at the end of your event
      • Remove and tie the bags, and place them upright under the sign in the hallway outside of the lounge entrance
      • Place new trash or recycling bags on their respective receptacles after removing them. Do not place trash or recycling in the receptacles without their respective bags
      • Additional bags are located within respective bins and in cabinet 6
    • If food or alcohol was served, you must wipe down the tables, countertops, or any surfaces used
      • Extra cleaning supplies are located in cabinet 6 (to the left of the sink) including extra paper towels, soap spray, and Lysol wipes
    • If the sink was used, it must be left empty and clean of any residual food
      • All kitchen items used must be washed and left on the drying rack or placed in their respective storage locations
      • Additional sponges and dish soap are located in cabinet 6 (to the left of the sink) 
    • Return all furniture to its original location
      • Chairs should be stacked and placed underneath the spiral staircase
      • Of the five square tables, two should be returned to the area by the TV and three against the brick wall on the same side of the GSL as the TV
      • Couches should be returned to their “L configuration” by the TV, reconnecting the power cables if disconnected
      • Speakers should be returned to the brick wall on the same side of the GSL as the TV
      • The coat rack should be placed in the back left corner of the GSL
    • Switch off and return all electronics and accessories (cords, remotes, etc.) to their proper place
    • Remove any and all decorations put up for your event (signs, balloons, etc). This includes the fixtures used to hold them such as tape, zip-ties, or Velcro straps
    • If utilized, empty the cooler and dispose of the remaining ice in the courtyard, drain the remaining liquid, wipe down, and return to the storage location indoors
    • Immediately inform the GSC if deep cleaning is required (fees may apply)
    • Immediately alert the Chair of Student Life if GSL is not properly cleaned at the time of your arrival (provide photographs if necessary). Reports must be sent within 15 min of the official reservation start time to ensure you are not held responsible

Individuals and/or groups in violation of these terms WILL be subject to fees amounting to the costs required to return the GSL to its original condition. This may include, but is not limited to, financial costs necessary for professional cleaning services, and replacing and/or repairing lost, stolen, and/or damaged property. Until fees are paid, GSL access will be suspended for individuals, groups, and/or departments until receipt of full costs.

In cases of gross disregard for the above terms, lounge access will be revoked indefinitely.

NOTE: Proper training is required for use of specialized martial arts mats. Please email the Brown Aikido Club to schedule training.


The Graduate Student Lounge (GSL) may be reserved by any graduate students in good standing as an informal gathering space. Gatherings may include social events, private parties, small theatrical productions, dance and/or fitness classes, etc. Reservations operate on the honor system where you are expected to arrive at the start of your reservation (or setup time) and depart at the end of your reservation (or cleanup time). Dishonesty regarding the details of your event in any way is grounds for GSL access suspension.

General Guidelines:

  • Graduate Student Council (GSC) sponsored events shall be given reservation priority
  • Reservations cannot be made for the same time as the GSC General Body Meeting (first Wednesday of the month during the fall and spring semesters)
  • Reservations cannot be made for the same time as the GSC Executive Board Meeting (the last Wednesday of the month during the fall and spring semesters)
  • Reservations shall be made on a first come first serve basis
  • Reservations are considered on a per-semester basis
  • Reservations will be considered for the Spring Semester beginning January 1st, Summer Break beginning May 1st, Fall Semester beginning August 1st, and Winter Break beginning December 1st
  • Reservations and gatherings must be approved by the Chair of Student Life
  • All reservations require one current Brown University Graduate student in good academic standing to act as the Sole Responsible Party (SRP)
  • The SRP shall ensure that all individuals abide by the GSL Terms of Use for the duration of the reservation
  • Reservation requests may only be made online via the GSL reservation request form and will not be accepted over email
  • Reservations may be a single occurrence (e.g., birthday parties, orientations, department socials, etc.) or recurring (e.g., dance practices, martial arts, fitness classes, music rehearsals, etc.)
  • Single-occurrence reservations may last up to 6 hours
  • Extensions of up to 4 additional hours may be considered by the Chair of Student Life but have additional cleaning requirements
  • Reoccurring reservations are semester-long reservations, with the following limitations:
    • One 3-hour reservation per week per semester
    • Non-peak hours only (Sundays 8 PM – Fridays 3 PM)
    • Peak hour requests must be submitted as a Single occurrence reservation
  • All reservation requests that are 6 hours or less in duration may include up to one hour for setup prior to the event and one hour for cleanup proceeding the event
    • Setup and cleanup time are not counted toward the duration of the event
    • Setup time for one event may overlap with the cleanup time for another event
    • Reservations for longer than 6 hours may request up to 2 hours of setup and cleanup time

Submitting a reservation request:

  • View the GSL calendar before filing a request to ensure its availability
  • Completely fill out the online GSL reservation request form. You will receive an email upon request completion
  • Reservation requests must be submitted at least one week prior to the requested date
  • Please allow at least three business days for reservation requests to be processed