Lounge Pantry

As of the summer of 2022, the Graduate Student Council (GSC) is piloting a pantry program as another mechanism to address food insecurity among graduate students. 

The pantry is located in the Graduate Student Lounge (92 Thayer St.), in cabinets three and four which are to the right of the GSL entrance, and directly across from the sink. Please note that for both cabinets, to open the door on the left you must press a lever on the back of the door which is only accessible by opening the door on the right first.

A list of items that might be found in the pantry and where are shown below. Please note that the inventory and the pantry program as a whole is a work in progress and encourage anyone who has feedback regarding the offerings or accessibility to fill out this anonymous form which we have also included at the bottom of this page.

If you are interested in helping the GSC address food insecurity among graduate students, please reach out to the Chair of Student Life: GSC_StudentLife@brown.edu


Beef Ramen3 Top
Chicken Ramen3 Top
Raisins3 Top
Chicken Bullion3 Top
Peanut Butter3 Top
Luncheon Meat3 Top
Vienna Sausages3 Top
Tuna3 Top
Chicken Breast3 Top
Rice (Jasmine & Basmati)3Top
Beef Jerky3Middle
Mashed Potatoes (Powdered)3Middle
Chicken Noodle Soup3Middle
Mixed Fruit Cups3Middle
Sliced Carrots3Middle
Mixed Vegetables3Middle
Green Beans3Middle
Sweet Peas3Middle
Chili with Beans3Middle
Beans (Baked & Black)3Middle
Fruit Snacks4Top
Velveeta Shells and Cheese4Middle
Pasta (Spaghetti, Penne, Bowtie)4Middle
Pasta Sauces4Bottom


Tampons (Regular & Super)4Top
Maxi Pads (Size 2 & 4)4Top

If any items have run out or if you have suggestions on what else we could stock, please fill out this anonymous Google Form: