Andrew Kenneth Zukoski

photo of Andrew Zukowski
Andrew Kenneth Zukoski


Music Awards:

2023 Ron Nelson Prize
2021 Margery MacColl Award

Music Capstone Project:

“Microphone Music”

This project is an exploration of how microphones shape music. Additionally, this project investigates the spaces music is recorded in. Throughout the semester, I have experimented with different microphone types and combinations, on various instruments. These tests were replicated in multiple rooms, each with unique characteristics. The results were recorded and later turned into musical compositions using a DAW. The first piece is a recording of a piano made using eight large diaphragm condensers and a contact microphone. These microphones were spread across the full range of strings and placed very close to the instrument, allowing them to capture even the quietest resonances. The second piece is composed of keyclicks on an assortment of woodwind instruments and pipe organ recordings made earlier this semester in professor Vistein’s class. Microphones were placed both very close and very far away from each instrument, and the instruments were recorded in separate rooms, creating a unique challenge for composition.