Jack Riley

photo of Jack Riley

Music  |  Computer Science

Music Awards:

2023 Ron Nelson Prize
2021 Margery MacColl Award

Music Capstone Project:


These pieces focus on dissection of sound and workflow. Grounded in the process of creating, I wanted to create a body of work that acknowledges the place it was created and the time it took to be created. I generally focused on electronic sounds, wrestling with sounds until they “worked” instead of my usual process of abandoning them and finding new sounds. I made a specific point of making unusual pairings of drum sounds and other textures, creating a contrast I usually try to avoid. I also grounded these sonic worlds in dissection, principally focusing my sound design on tools that dissect, such as arpeggiation and granular synthesis. I wanted the listener to hear the parts of sounds and juxtapose those parts with the whole.