Henry Puopolo


Music  |  Psychology

Honors in Music Thesis:

“Standing in a River”

Ever since I was a child, family car trips were as much about music as they were about the trip. We started by picking CD’s out of my father’s collection, but eventually he got an Ipod and we would go around the car picking albums. Back then, the most recent artist we would play would be Jet or Green Day. Most of the albums my brother and father picked were 1960’s or 1970’s Rhythm and Blues. When I got to high school, my friend introduced me to EDM. It was so unlike anything I had ever heard before, and it began a love of electronic music. Between playing in a band and djing, I felt as though I was between worlds. Through this project, I sought to combine these different influences into a coherent album that also captured how my tastes changed over my life. From Future Bass and Melodic Dubstep to Rhythm and Blues, I tried to make an album that is uniquely me. This project is a testament to my life and a product of my admiration of Kaleo, Illenium, Said The Sky, The J. Geils Band, and everyone I listened to in the car.

Personal Statement:

Henry Puopolo is from New York, New York. He started his journey in music when his parents introduced him to Rock and Roll by playing music in the car during road trips. He played in a band, The Rhythm and Blues Conspiracy, playing gigs around the South Shore. Highlights include the Falmouth Road Race where he played for over 7,000 people and the Barnstable County Fair, where he opened for Three Dog Night. Henry’s love of EDM music inspired him to focus his academic efforts on blending his influences and creating music that reflected his interests. In addition to music, Henry studies Psychology.