Arius Thomas

photo of Arius Thomas
Arius Thomas

Music  |  Computer Science

Music Awards:

2023 Walter J. Nelson Prize

Music Capstone Project:

“Insinuation Thre”

I first started working on this project in 2018 after I lost the files for almost 3 years of music I had created previously. Overtime, the purpose of the project had changed several times until I settled on creating a concept album that would serve as an origin story for my alter-ego. Since starting in 2018, I completely recreated every song on the project a total of 3 times with this one being the final version. Currently, only 7 of the intended 11 songs are available. I hope to do a full release on all streaming services in a few months.

The story opens with the main character laying on their back in a burning building after being attacked by a villain from the future. The soon-to-be hero then decides to hunt down a powerful artifact from an old legend to save themselves from their enemies.

Personal Statement:

Arius Thomas is an experimental electronic music creator who is based in Boston, Massachusetts. Arius creates and performs under the name CrispSalad and as a member of the musical trio, Kunnetik. After graduating, Arius will be working as a cybersecurity engineer alongside finalizing 12 unfinished albums.