Cooper Cardone

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Cooper Cardone

Music  |  Theatre Arts & Performance Studies

Music Awards:

2023 Coolidge Premium
2020 Margery MacColl Award

Music Capstone Project:

“Blue Journal”

“Blue Journal” is a five-track EP written, recorded, produced by Cooper Cardone, featuring friends and classmates on various instruments. Based on his journal he has kept during his four years at Brown, “Blue Journal” explores fragments of life in college, emotions, relationships, family, and self love. Genres of music range from progressive rock to pop to jazz. Instruments are mainly recorded live in-studio, with some synthesized sound added in post-production. The album is intended to be fully released later this year. Demo recordings are posted below.

Personal Statement:

Cooper Cardone is an aspiring actor, singer, songwriter, and musician from North Kingstown, Rhode Island. He has performed primarily in musical theatre since childhood and has continued his work as a musical theatre actor at Brown. His undergraduate education has been focused on music composition, vocal performance, acting, dance, and technical theatre. Cooper has composed for musical theatre and recently won BroadwayWorld’s award for Best New Play or Musical in Rhode Island for his music in “Rock Show”. His many years of vocal training through Brown’s Applied Music Program have allowed him to work as a paid singer for various church choirs around the state. After completing his studies at Brown, Cooper plans to move to New York to pursue a career as a performer and composer.