Yuxin (Wendy) Chen

photo of Yuxin Chen
Yuxin (Wendy) Chen

Music  |  Economics

Music Capstone Project:

“Blue Scar” is a Single of two songs in an attempt to capture the possible consequences of water-related environmental crises. The song “Thirst in the Waves,” which I recorded with Brown University World Music Ensemble friends, depicts a world of dessert, and a world in which the only water source is acid ocean. “Withering Land,” as how it’s titled, talks about rising sea level. It’s also a song of nostalgia, with me knowing many seashore areas I love won’t exist in short time. I wish we hear the consequences now, rather than face them in the future.

Wendy Chen's Album Cover for Blue Scar
Album Cover for Blue Scar

Personal Statement:

Yuxin, or Wendy, is a passionate composer. Reimagining music as poems, she uses harmony, sound, lyrics, and mixing as her tools of painting. In college, she shifted from self-expression to social commentary like the W4LL (‘pronounced as “the wall”) , an interactive installation made with Max to reimagine post-pandemic isolation and connection, and “Blue Scar”, a Single portraying the consequences of water-related environmental crises. Some of her other works include game soundtracks for “Displacement Chai Chai”, focusing on exploring the dichotomy between universal monetary exchange and subjective values. She plans to continue her journey as a composer, to observe and contemplate upon the world around her.

Listen to Yuxin’s music on Bandcamp and on SoundCloud.