Rebecca Rosenzweig

photo of Rebecca Rosenzweig
Rebecca Rosenzweig

Music  |  Neuroscience

Capstone Project in Music:

“Walking Soundscape of My Life at Brown”

The whole piece is centered around a theme of embodiment and sound of my time at Brown. The idea of embodied sound has been incorporated in almost all of my creative projects I have worked on at Brown. This piece contains vocal, soundscape, original music, music samples, and ambient samples I have collected during my 4 years at Brown.

Personal Statement:

Rebecca Rosenzweig is graduating from Brown with a degree in music and an honors degree in neuroscience. Her interest in music began when she started playing the cello at 8 years old, which she has continued since then and at Brown, joining the music department’s Applied Music Program and Chamber Music groups. Throughout her time at Brown, she has been deeply involved with programming at Brown RISD Hillel and working as a Peer Career Advisor at CareerLAB. Rebecca starts medical school this fall at Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City.