Colton Rusch

photo of Colton Rusch
Colton Rusch

Music  |  Computer Science

Music Capstone Project:


Concussion is an EP written and produced by Colton Rusch and long-time collaborator and part-time muse, Aisha Tipnis, who suffered a severe concussion during Spring Weekend. It explores noise rock and alternative rock with singer-songwriter tendencies and a haunting atmosphere.

Personal Statement:

Colton is a multi-instrumentalist, producer, and songwriter, and has spent his time at Brown exploring the intersection of music, technology, and live performance. Outside the music department, he has been extensively involved with teaching and researching at the intersection of software engineering and ethics. He is one of the founders of the Teaching Assistant Labor Organization, the first undergraduate TA union in the country. After graduation, he will be in New York City working on privacy-preserving technology and further developing his creative practice in music production.