Dana Lee

photo of Dana Lee
Dana Lee

Music  |  Computer Science

Music Awards:

2023 Marion Hassenfeld Premium

Honors in Music Thesis:

“Where Old Meets New: A Musical Journey Through Korea”

My senior thesis composition is made up of three movements and composed for an orchestra. However, what makes it special is that it encompasses different aspects of Korean music, both old and traditional and new and experimental. Each movement represents a certain part of Korean music – the first movement takes inspiration from Korean traditional folk instrumentation (pungmulnori, gayageum byeongchang, pansori), the second movement takes from Korean traditional folksong (more specifically, intertwines two famous Bongjo/Seoul and Jindo/Jeonnam variations of Arirang, arguably the MOST popular Korean folksong), and the third movement takes some fun elements from K-pop (a music industry composed of many genres) and puts them in an orchestral setting for everyone (both musician and listener) to enjoy.


Dana Lee’s MIDI Realization of her Thesis:

Personal Statement:

Dana is a music/CS concentrator who has delved into all sorts of music performances and activities – from conducting Brown University Band, chamber orchestra, and pit, to playing both classical and jazz-funk clarinet (shoutout to Em’s Femmes), composing pieces based in Korean traditions and culture (peep senior thesis and party noises), and TA-ing music theory courses. Throughout her music journey, Dana’s goal has always been to have fun with friends through music – after all, what is music without the people and stories involved? After graduating from Brown, she will move to Boston to work as a full-time software developer and hopes to remain an avid K-pop and Kirby fan as she looks into music education and conducting opportunities.